Like the art of timberframing itself, AB&JR Hodgkins goes back a long way. Family owned and run since 1919, the company has had roots in the local community for generations, but has not always constructed timberframe homes. Founders AB and JR built the business with a committment to quality craftsmanship and personal service. When the next generation, Tubby Collier, took over in 1945, he kept it thriving on those same principals. When Tubby died in 1979, his son, John Collier, stepped in and continued the long-standing tradition. 

In 2000, John added a new dimension to the company—timberframing. AB&JR joined forces with TimberPeg, a national company that designs and builds timberframe homes. They now are the area representative for these fine homes. It is the perfect union, with one company built on tradition and the other working to keep a tradition alive.